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This is a place of acceptance & compassion

Helping you to develop the tools to reclaim your life by breaking free from the exhausting cycle of unwelcome thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.

You want to have a rich and meaningful life, with a sense of purpose and being able to enjoy who and what you have, yet instead you feel:

burnt out

from the constant barage of demands and expectations coming at you from every which way


because despite doing everything you're "supposed" to do, something is still off


of the enjoyment of the life you deserve by the relentlessness of worry and anxiety


scared & confused

by the stories your inner critic tells you about yourself

It seems like...

to an outsider your life looks pretty good, but still you don't feel happy and content. You can't move on until you get rid of the worry and anxiety that keeps showing up and ruining everything.


You don't quite know yourself any more, experiencing doubt, uncertainty and a lack of confidence, as if somewhere along the way you lost a bit of yourself.

It feels like you're out of sync with the world


there is a path to take you towards a version of yourself that feels empowered and in control; a version of yourself that you can feel proud of!

My name is Sarah

I will walk alongside you

guiding you on this path towards a better understanding of yourself and developing a healthier relationship with those unwanted thoughts and distressing feelings that keep showing up.

I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to equip you with skills for life that have been proven to be effective and long lasting.

My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling empowered, confident and in control

Foggy Lake

It can be scary coming to therapy, especially if it is your first time. You may not know what to expect and you may be worrying about what might or might not be involved.

It is my wish to create a safe space with you so that you can feel comfortable to address the issues that are important and meaningful for you to work on.


"Sarah has helped to give me the resources and tools that I can not only use now but also in the future to come, applying them to multiple different scenarios. She was always very understanding and made me feel comfortable in every session. I especially liked the weekly standard 1-10 check-ins as it helped me to track my progress overtime."


Working together towards the common goal of your wellbeing

Learn to negotiate
Life Transitions
start thriving not just surviving

Cultivate effective tools to manage
stop fear getting in the way of your life

Develop coping strategies in overcoming
start embracing life again

Compassionate support to help you adjust to life with
Long Term Physical Health Problems
build a new life despite the limitations that you may be experiencing

Not quite ready to take the next step in starting therapy?

How about having a read of some of my recent blog posts below - hopefully you will find something helpful there whilst getting a better sense of my style of working to help you decide if I will be a good fit for you as your therapist.

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