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Depression is sometimes called the common cold of mental health problems.  This is because so many people experience it in their lifetimes.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) approximately 280 million people in the world are currently experiencing depression.

Have even the most simple of day-to-day tasks become a struggle?
Are you finding yourself withdrawing from life, doing fewer and fewer things?

It can feel like your world is shrinking and as if you are looking at life through dark lenses.

Your mind might tell you that you should be able to cope and you might beat yourself up for feeling overwhelmed...but this leads to you feeling even worse about things, so you can end up feeling trapped at the bottom of a deep, dark pit with no ladder to climb out of it.

Through the CBT approach, I can help you start climbing out of the dark towards the light.





Whatever it is that you are experiencing, you're probably beginning to notice the impact of this in every facet of your life:

  • perhaps all your motivation has disappeared and you just can't face those impending deadlines or relentless household responsibilities, so they are starting to stack up....adding to the pressure you feel and pulling you down even further;

  • or maybe you're struggling to stay focused and productive at work, whether that's paid employment, voluntary activities or in caring roles, because you're just not interested in anything any more;

  • or maybe you're finding you're withdrawing from and avoiding being with friends and loved ones because you don't want your low mood to impact on them, and your inner voice tells you they probably wouldn't want to spend time with you anyway;

  • or there are all those regrets that keep rearing their ugly heads and weigh so heavy that it seems impossible for you to imagine being able to enjoy anything in your future;

  • or you constantly feel exhausted and lacking in energy, despite the fact that you're doing less than usual and are perhaps even sleeping a lot of the day away;

  • or your inner voice is constantly berating you, telling you what a loser you are and pointing out every flaw and mistake you ever made;

  • and on and on...

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you understand the roots of your depression along with factors in the 'here and now' that are keeping it going. Once we have mapped this out we can tailor specific skills for your unique needs and to help you address your individual circumstances, equipping you with a toolbox of strategies that will last you a lifetime.

My approach to depression comes from a place of hope and compassion. I believe that by helping you to understand your own processes and reactions to things we can work together to empower you to take back control of your life, becoming an active participant once more.

Book a free 15 minute, no obligation, consultation so I can help you to begin participating in your life again.

Book a free 15 minute, no obligation, consultation call so we can discuss how to help you to begin participating in your life again.

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